Overview of Suicide Prevention

 Suicide Prevention Initiative in New York State: “The Zero Suicide Model” – Archived Webinar (1 hr)

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Suicide prevention is a high priority in New York State.  The New York State Office of Mental Health has adopted and is implementing the “Zero Suicide Model,” a national initiative that incorporates new evidence-based practices to prevent suicide.  This webinar will describe the direction that suicide prevention efforts are taking in New York State, and provide an important introduction to this state-of-the art approach to suicide prevention. This one-hour webinar is intended for mental health providers as well as any individuals who are in the position to identify and intervene with individuals at risk for suicide. It will be conducted by Dr. Barbara Stanley, Director of the Suicide Prevention Training, Intervention and Evaluation program (SP-TIE) at the Center for Practice Innovations at the New York State Psychiatric Institute, and Dr. Jay Carruthers, Director of the New York State Office of Mental Health Suicide Prevention Office.  They will provide a comprehensive overview of the rationale for and components of the “Zero Suicide Model,” as well as certain details about specific initiatives that are being planned and conducted to implement this model. 

 Intervention and Prevention of Suicidal Behavior – Video (19 min)

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Suicidal behavior in the US has increasingly become a problem. Since the 1980s, the view of suicidal behavior has shifted from a symptom of a diagnosis to suicidality as a separate condition. This training will provide an overview of recognizing and treating suicidal behaviors. Myths that hinder treatment and methods to mitigate suicide risk are also reviewed. After viewing this video, you will better understand: the extent of the problem, types of suicidal behavior, approaches to understanding suicide, risk factors for suicide, how to intervene, and levels of intervention.


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