Program Director: Barbara Stanley, PhD. Dr. Stanley oversees the implementation of all aspects of the SP-TIE program across New York State. She works across state departments and systems to implement comprehensive suicide prevention, which entails engagement with health care professionals in various settings to coordinate training and evaluation. In addition to her role as SP-TIE director, she is also a Research Scientist at the New York State Psychiatric Institute and Professor of Medical Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry at Columbia University. Dr. Stanley has been the principal investigator on several NIMH and foundation grants investigating clinical and neurobiological factors and intervention strategies related to suicidal behavior, self injury, and borderline personality disorder. With her colleague, Dr. Gregory Brown, she developed the Safety Planning Intervention that is used throughout the VA and on crisis hotlines across the United States, and which is a central intervention in the SP-TIE approach. She is also conducting a project in VA to develop and evaluate an intervention for treating and following suicidal veterans in urgent care settings and post-discharge. She has received numerous awards including the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Research Award and the Suicide Prevention Center of New York Research Award.
Associate Director: Beth Brodsky, Ph.D. Dr. Brodsky works on all aspects of the Program for Suicide Prevention-Training, Implementation and Evaluation. She conducts trainings, reviews current and prospective training initiatives for suitability and evidence-base and helps develop manuals and evaluation tools. She helps to identify and develop trainings, particularly those geared towards improving the skills of behavioral health providers, other health professionals and gatekeepers. She is a Research Scientist at the New York State Psychiatric Institute, and has extensive experience and skills in training professionals in evidence-based treatment of suicidal individuals which she will bring to bear on state-wide training efforts. She also helps to determine appropriate methods of evaluating competence and fidelity monitoring to evidence-based protocols. She conducts trainings as needed, trains trainers and visits sites to assess needs and help sites in achieving and maintaining fidelity.
Christa Labouliere, Ph.D., Suicide Prevention Specialist/ Project Administrator
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