10 May 2022

ACT - Spring to Wellness: Discussions on Best Practices and Recovery – Session 2

Event date: 6/23/2022 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM Export event

Spring to Wellness: Discussions on Best Practices and Recovery. – Session 2

CBT: Easy as 123 – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 


As we continue to navigate the new “normal,” our lives and the lives of the people receiving support and services from us continue to be impacted by ongoing stressors, daily changes, social media, and tragic visions from different parts of the world.  Many of us remain fearful, as we wait for the “other shoe to drop.”  As the ACT Institute/CPI continue to pay attention to these occurrences, we want to invite to participate in our latest webinar series – Spring to Wellness: Discussions on Best Practices and Recovery.


Please join Luis Lopez, MA, MS and Dr. Beth Brodsky on Thursday, June 23rd from 11 AM – 12:15 PM for the second session of this 3-part series.

 During this session, participants will:

 Identify 4 concepts of CBT. 

  • Learn how CBT is applied during daily interventions. 
  • Define core elements of CBT. 


We look forward to your participation.

Please contact Luis Lopez at luis.lopez@nyspi.columbia.edu with any questions you have about the Spring to Wellness training series.

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