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FIT Offers several different self-paced learning bundles for practitioners who would like to strengthen their knowledge and skills around integrated treatment and earn continuing education.

Two curricula cover screening and integrated assessment for co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders, with one geared toward addiction treatment settings (Screening and Integrated Assessment for Co-occurring Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders in Addiction Treatment Settings) and one toward mental health treatment settings (Screening and Integrated Assessment for Co-occurring Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders in Mental Health Treatment Settings).  Each curriculum explains the importance of screening and integrated assessment, lists common challenges, describes validated screening instruments, areas that recommended in an integrated assessment, and demonstrates how to conduct both effective screenings and integrated assessments. 


Stage-wise Treatment, defines and provides tools to identify stages of change and stages of treatment, describes how to match treatment to each stage, explains the benefit of stage-wise group treatment, and provides guidance for organizing and facilitating both motivation and active treatment groups.

FIT Motivational Interviewing Modules covers the topics of engaging, focusing, change talk, sustain talk and discord, evoking hope and confidence, and planning. 


The above modules are bundled together with other core competencies for The Integrated Mental Health/Addictions Treatment Training Certificate (IMHATT).  This certificate, signed by both the OMH and OASAS commissioners, includes 16.75 hours of self-paced learning to provide foundational knowledge for integrated treatment. 

Training Awards

Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Technology Award

Best Custom Content See more about the Brandon Hall Research awards .

Omni Intermedia Award

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Horizon Interactive Award

Bronze Award for Excellence in Design and Use of Video See more about Horizon Interactive Awards.

Communicator Award of Excellence

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Michael F. Hogan, PhD, former Commissioner of the New York State Office of Mental Health, said: "Making health care better and more efficient requires specific actions, like helping providers to improve their practices. Using research-proven treatments is one approach, but traditional training is expensive in terms of travel time and taking people away from their duties. FIT offers an alternative: an Internet based approach that provides access to national experts and can be used at any time. For this to work, training content must be high quality. This award—along with participation by over 1,000 people in this learning program—proves that FIT is meeting our high expectations.

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