Suicide Prevention for Healthcare Workers

Module is Now Available

  • 5 November 2017

These are the myths:

  • "If I ask someone directly about suicide, I will be giving the person ideas."
  • "Someone who says that he or she is suicidal is only seeking attention."
  • "If someone has decided to end their own life by suicide, no one can stop them."
  • "I'm not an expert, I might make the situation worse."

A Timely and Important New Module Is Now Available: Early Intervention for First Episode Psychosis

  • 1 October 2017

Did you know that:

  • Research shows that an early intervention, multidisciplinary team approach leads to better outcomes for young people experiencing non-affective early psychosis?
  • This approach is called Coordinated Specialty Care (CSC) and is known in NYS as OnTrackNY?
  • CSC providers have specialized training in evidence-based treatment and are attuned to developmental stages and life transitions?
  • These programs are now available across NYS and throughout the country?

Knowledge Builder Library is Growing: Three More Just Added!

  • 7 September 2017

Do you want to know about:

  • Behavioral activation and how it can make a difference in the lives of people with depression and other behavioral health difficulties?
  • Shared decision making and how it can make a difference in the quality of interactions between prescribers and consumers and the decisions that are made?
  • Palliative care and how it can make a difference in the lives of people with serious, chronic and life threatening illness including those diagnosed with serious mental illness?

IMHATT Program Completion List

  • 6 June 2017
Access a list of OMH-licensed programs where at least one staff person has earned an Integrated Mental Health Mental Health/Addictions Treatment Training (IMHATT) certificate. People earn an IMHATT certificate after completing 29 online training modules that include basic, intermediate, and advanced skills in integrated treatment for co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders including tobacco dependence.

Catalogues Are Now Available for CPI's Learning Management System and Website Consumer Portal

  • 29 January 2017


Did you know that we now have two catalogues that describe our e-learning resources? 

The Online Module Catalogue lists and provides information about 90+ online modules that are currently found in our Learning Management System (

Looking for OnTrackUSA?

  • 8 October 2015
OnTrackUSA provides manuals and other web-based resources as well as consultation and training to programs and State agencies that would like to implement Coordinated Specialty Care teams (CSCs) for people with early psychosis. CSC teams provide innovative, evidence-based, recovery-oriented treatment to young people who have recently begun experiencing psychotic symptoms. These teams help people achieve their goals for school, work and relationships. 


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