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ACT Talk podcast on 10/15/2015
Helle Thorning, Director of the ACT Institute, engages in conversation with Dr. Alan Felix on the topic of Public Psychiatry and Recovery Orientated Practice Strategies.

ACT Talk podcast on 5/26/2015
Mr.Louis Vavrina will talk about Navigating Recovery's Rocky Road. Mr. Vavrina is a recent Howie the Harp graduate who did an internship at the Center for Practice Innovations

ACT Talk podcast on 4/14/2015
Gary Clark engaged in a discussion about the challenges and opportunities facing ACT teams in the current health care environment in 2015.

ACT Talk podcast on 3/10/2015:
Bradley Jacobs, LMSW talked about ACT consumers who have criminal justice involvement and the challenges and opportunities that emerge in this work.

ACT Talk podcast on 1/13/2015:
Dr. Ellen Lukens discussed health literacy and psychoeducation


ACT Talk podcast on 12/17/2014:
Dr. Paul Margolies engaged in a lively dialog about Recovery & Work

ACT Talk podcast on 11/18/2014:
Dr. Lisa Dixon engaged in a lively dialog about Recovery; the dignity of risk and the duty to care among many more hot topics important for the work of the ACT team

ACT Talk podcast on 10/1/2014:
A conversation with Dr. Lewis-Fernandez who talked about the long and interesting journey he took when developing the CFI

ACT Talk podcast on 9/9/2014:
A conversation with Brenda Martin and Louise Ellis on clinical interventions needed to achieve successful discharge from ACT

ACT Talk podcast on 7/8/2014:
A conversation with Leopoldo J. Cabassa on contextual factors that influences physical health and health care

ACT Talk podcast on 6/10/2014:
A conversation with Molly Finnerty on ACT and Transition

ACT Talk podcast on 5/13/2014:
A conversation with Rusty Foster and Luis Lopez on Harm Reduction