Full List of Cognitive Health Solutions Trainings

Cognitive Health Solutions has several trainings available. All trainings offer a certificate of completion, and the majority offer continuing education credits for psychologists, NYS social workers, licensed mental health counselors, credentialed alcohol and substance abuse counselors, and medical professionals.

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 Cognitive Health Solutions – Module (1 Hr)

This course helps the learner be able to identify who is appropriate for cognitive health services, how to discuss cognitive health with others and how to address cognitive health in treatment plans.

Course Objectives:

  • Describe how to discuss cognitive health and cognitive health services with others
  • Identify signs of cognitive problems
  • Identify who is appropriate for cognitive health services and when to prioritize a referral to cognitive health services
  • Describe how to engage clients in specific cognitive health services that are personalized to their needs.


 Cognitive Health Basics  Module

Description: Coming Soon



Cognitive Health Basics – Curriculum 

Description: The Cognitive Health Basics Knowledge Builder module is designed as an introduction to the important topic of Cognitive Health. In this module you will learn about cognitive problems in people with serious mental illness, how they manifest, and what can be done to treat them.