2016 Trainings:

Motivational Interviewing (MI)

  • Using Motivational Interviewing to work with members

Cultural Competence

  • Cultural Competence

Substance Use Disorders

  • Principles of Ancillary Stabilization and Withdrawal Services


2017 Trainings:

Suicide Prevention

  • Intervention and Prevention of Suicidal Behavior

Cultural Competence

  • Using the Cultural Formulation Interview (CFI)

Substance Use Disorders

  • Ancillary Withdrawal Chapter 2: Stabilization and Engagement
  • Ancillary Withdrawal Series: Chapter 3 OASAS Clinical Practice Guidance


2018 Trainings:

Person-Centered Care

  • Person-Centered Planning Core Comp
  • Strengthening Clinical Care Series: Access to Care

Integrated Care:

  • Health Conditions in Behavioral Care
  • Strengthening Clinical Care Series: Integration

2020 Trainings:

Shared Decision Making:

  • Shared Decision Making
  • Shared Decision Making in Person-Centered Care

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